Rudyard Township

Frequent Assessing Questions

Property assessments are appealed to the March Board of Review. This is held every year by law, beginning on the second Monday in March. Cascade Township generally has two days of hearings. You may appeal in person or by letter. If you wish to appeal in person, you must call for an appointment.

The March Board of Review has the ability to correct assessments, change property classification and grant poverty exemptions. If a residential property is not appealed to the March Board of Review, the assessment is final until the following year.

YES! If you did not get your form into the office in time have the exemption added to your property record or you are qualified for the current year and up to three previous. You must file Form 2368 Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit with the local assessor and claim the principal residence exemption for the current and Up to the previous three years.

Once received, the local assessor will verify if the owner has met the requirements for the principal residence exemption. The assessor will grant or deny the Principal Residence Exemption. This can be done at any time during the year.

the July or December Board of Review add the exemption. They have the authority to add the current year and up to three prior years. Contact the Assessor at (906) 322-6601 to begin the process.

The Assessing Department needs good quality information on the properties in order to accurately assess property. We review a certain number of properties each year in order to correct any errors in the record. Areas are chosen based on how long it has been since we last reviewed them or if we have noted that we have a problem in that area.

If there is a correction necessary, it could raise or lower your assessment. The goal is to make the records as accurate as possible. We send a form showing you any changes we have found, at the end of the year before we set the new assessments so you can point out any errors.

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